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   Lure Coursing 

We post Lure on a weekly basis when available. Keep following our Facebook page to know when one is planned and for how to register.


Rapidly gaining popularity is the sport of Lure Coursing, where a dog chases an artificial lure across a field.

Typically, the lure is made of plastic and furry strips tied to a string that is pulled using a machine and pulleys to simulate a prey. 

There can be many patterns and sizes to the course.  The sport was originally created for sighthounds, but we welcome any breed! Our course is geared towards pet dogs.


Sprint Lure Drag Racing: Dogs run in a straight line after the lure and we use a radar gun to catch their top speed.

Lure Coursing: Dogs chase the lure back and forth around a field. 


This is a great way to have fun with your dogs and give them some
exercise without running a marathon yourself. 


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