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Intro to Swim & Dive

Private Lessons

All levels from Learn To Swim up to Competitive.

No experience necessary.

Puppies welcome.
One dog, one handler
1/2 hour $50.00
1 hour $95.00
$10.00 each additional dogs.

Lessons usually start at the end of June. To register or be put on the waiting list TEXT 613-432-4344

Off The Dock 

Private Lessons

Distance, Height & Speed Training

Learn to throw to maximize your dogs jump. 

Learn Grab, Toss and Lure

Must be already jumping off the dock in a sanctioned diving pool.


One dog, one handler1/2 hour $50.001 hour $95.00$10.00 each additional dogs.

TO REGISTER TEXT 613-432-4344

Private Rental

Come swim with your dog!

1/2 hour for $20.00.  1 hour for $35.00 One dog one handler. $5.00 for each additional dog. All dogs must meet the prerequisites, if not there is a mandatory 1/2 hour private orientation session for that dog.

Prerequisites for private rentals are: 

To rent the pool: (without the dock)

Dogs must know how to swim and understand how to return to the ramp. If they have never been in a professional pool a 1/2 hour orientation session is mandatory. 

To rent the dock and pool:

The dogs must already be successfully jumping off the dock into a pool to rent the dock. If the dog has never successfully jumped off a dock into a professional pool before, they must take a minimum of a 1/2 hour private class.  (off the dock in a lake does not count as experience)

To rent the pool TEXT 613-432-4344

Group Specials:

Come with your club, your class or your friends! Rent the pool, have a BBQ and spend time on the Ranch enjoying our peaceful and beautiful surroundings.

Call or text about group specials.


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