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Agility Classes 2021
All group classes are postponed for 2021.


Private lessons are available weekday mornings only.

$45 per half hour and $80 per hour, $10 for each additional dog.

Registration will be posted on Facebook once it becomes available


Field rental $10 per hour

Dogs must be trained on all obstacles at full height to rent the field   


Agility is a sport that involves a dog negotiating up to 20 obstacles while being directed by a handler, running against the clock, on a course designed by a judge. The fastest clear round is the winner.


Faults are incurred for all errors as well as exceeding the course time, and there are several ways of getting eliminated too.


The two main types of classes are Standard Agility and Games. If you do not want to compete, there is still no reason why you cannot come and play. We have  both competing and non-competing members.


However, be aware that a lot of handlers started out doing it just for fun! 

If you don't want to compete you can still come and play.

Thanks! Message sent.

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